What we do

What we do

STC POWER strength lies not only in a real know – how, that means authentic competence both during design and realization of the power plants, but also and above all in knowing – why, that is the capacity of identify clients’ actual needs and propose the optimal and winning solution.

First phase: feasibility analysis

The technological solution study represents one of the main strength points for STC POWER. Creativity has always been considered very important during this study, with the aim of identifying the best technical configuration to fulfil client’s demands. In this phase, many possible scenarios are analysed and possible different plants ways of operation are simulated with a specialized software. Plants performances are calculated considering the variation of parameters that may affect them, such as ambient conditions, fuel variability or plant electrical load.

In the end, the technical solution to be further analysed is chosen with clients’ collaboration.

Second step: plant realization

Construction and delivery of complex projects need a massive phase of engineering design, to be followed by a correct selection procedure of suppliers and components and by a delicate installation phase during which also client’s personnel is trained.

Due to these reasons, STC POWER proceeds according to three main phases during power plants realization:

  • Engineering: a team composed by engineers and specialized technicians performs the plant design;
  • Procurement: the necessary components are purchased from the most qualified manufacturers;
  • Construction: in this operative phase of plant realization STC POWER manages the site, performs construction quality control and makes sure that safety regulations are fully respected. In the end, STC POWER starts the plant while training the personnel that will have to operate it.

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