Who we are

Sotto l'azzurro fitto
del cielo qualche uccello di mare se ne va;
né sosta mai: perché tutte le immagini portano scritto:
"Più in là"!
(Eugenio Montale)

Who we are

STC POWER has been found in 1981 in Bologna as STC and in 1985 has moved its headquarter to Forlì.
Since the beginning, STC POWER has been focused on power plants industry introducing combined heat and power plants in the Italian market, with technologies mainly based on small and medium – size gas turbines. STC POWER has prevailed in the Italian market realizing every year more than 50% of power plants from 1 to 15 MWe production.

During the years STC POWER has developed its energy core as EPC Contractor (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), thus acquiring more and more advanced competences and realizing complex turn-key based power plants solutions with high level technology. Due to the peculiarity of power plants typologies and technologies, STC POWER know – how has grown more and more strongly together with its competence. In this way, STC POWER has been able to realize always more complex and larger size power plants while being open to various technologies.

Since 2009, STC POWER has also strongly looked at foreign markets due to the economic crisis that toughly damaged the energy market in Italy. STC POWER has also looked for a partner in order to achieve the right structure, both from the financial and organizational point of view, to face the new international challenges with the necessary solidity. The research has happily ended in April 2016, when STC POWER joined the Indian multinational corporation Sterling & Wilson.

Now STC POWER sets itself as EPC contractor to realize different typologies of power plants with a power production from 5 up to 200 MW all over the world, in particular combined heat and power, renewable sources based and Waste to Energy power plants.

Currently STC POWER is the company with the greatest number of references in the EPC branch all over Europe, with more than 150 power plants realized.

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